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Creative Train is here to kickstart your career! Have you tried with limited success to get your foot in the door? Unsure where to look for opportunities? Are you passionate about making programmes but struggling to gain solid industry experience?

We have first hand experience of the obstacles you’re facing to make it in such a competitive industry… an industry full of hardworking, dedicated creatives. We work with you to instil the self-belief and confidence you’ll need to establish a successful career in television, ensuring you stand out from the rest. 
Working in TV is exciting, busy, collaborative and creative… a dream come true for those lucky enough to break in. Creative Train wish to make this a possibility for all and work with production companies who share our vision.


Would you like to work in unscripted television? Want to get work ready at our ‘Intro to TV’ Workshop? Are you looking to enhance your knowledge, build on experience and increase your confidence?

Our fun and collaborative workshops will educate you and prepare you for work in the industry! We work across the whole country and our workshops are currently online so everyone is able to attend. We work with production companies to establish entry level opportunities which we then submit you for.

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Is your CV failing to promote you? Want to work with Creative Train who’ll craft a professional, industry standard CV tailored to match your skills, experience, qualifications and career objectives? 

Want to know what talent managers are looking for? Creative Train’s recruitment background means we’ve seen many CVs from established professionals discounted because they are poorly-written and lack detail. We completely rewrite and reformat your CV or refine it to highlight transferable skills, ensuring it’s relevant to the roles your applying for. 

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Would you benefit from one-to-one sessions offering tailored career advice?

Creative Train will act as your mentor, providing personalised industry support and setting you on the path to success. We can advise you on cover notes and specific applications in this 45 minute session. Together we can achieve great things!

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