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Do you need to look at how you recruit? Would you like to address your company values and lead with equality? Creative Train works closely with broadcasters and production companies, who, like us, are committed to making television an accessible career for all. We educate top employers on best editorial and production hiring practices, highlighting future benefits of investing in staff NOW. We believe investment, time and effort is needed to formalise recruitment processes industry wide.


Would you like a more diverse workforce? Can you do more? Keen to raise your company’s status both internally and externally? Creative Train works with you to shift your business culture from the inside out. We foster diversity by being deliberate and thoughtful in how we recruit. We specialise in inclusive recruitment strategies at entry level. One of the key ways to cultivate diversity is to ensure that it is replicated in senior positions within your company. As junior talent progress to mid-level and senior talent, the next generation of industry leaders will emerge.


Creative Train encourages open and honest conversation and challenges hiring managers to be more explicit and more transparent in their feedback about potential hires. By hiring people who reflect your viewing audience and worldwide contributors, you’ll show the industry and viewers alike that you do actually value diversity and inclusion. We encourage you to be confident in asking your workforce questions you may not have felt comfortable asking before. Asking questions about other cultures, opinions, backgrounds and experiences can help inform your business decisions and put you ahead of competitors. It can help to globalise your company.

Why is creating an inclusive environment so important?

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