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Are you keen to welcome diverse new talent into your organistion? Do you want to offer the best and brightest newcomers industry experience? 

Creative Train understands the difficulty in dedicating the time and staffing to achieve this independently so we manage work experience, shadowing and 1-12 month internship schemes for you. Not only do we recruit from our very own pool of vetted, passionate new talent but we also arrange recruitment drives on your behalf and consider those who’ve already reached out to you. We work with you to create windows of opportunity that suit your company and compliment your productions. We can advise you on Apprenticeships and Trainee programmes.

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Do you need to establish appropriate feedback practices and more effective ways of communicating with your workforce? If you’re time poor but want to prioritise this, Creative Train will initiate honest discussions on your behalf.

Like you, Creative Train understands the importance of improving communication so we act as a go-between for employers and freelancers. Our interview evaluations enable you to deliver performance feedback to individuals without embarrassment and allows freelancers to speak frankly about their experience on your production without fear of direct confrontation. Both production and individuals benefit, as we highlight relationship issues or problems on production, whilst we support career development and aid wellbeing.

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Are you focusing on diverse recruitment strategies? Are you crewing up in a hurry for a last minute commission with production starting next week?

Creative Train works with you to expand your network of freelance talent and can arrange networking events on your behalf. We forward plan and establish talent pools for desired skills and job roles in advance. Together, we figure out your possible future staffing requirements to prevent panic crewing at all hours!

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Are you looking to fill a niche role or have a last minute production crewing up? If you’re stretched and need extra support, Creative Train can solely recruit for you or assist you with your production or editorial searches.

Do you want to attract the best freelancers from an inclusive pool of talent at junior and senior levels? Creative Train will take away the stress of sifting through CVs and advertise, arrange interviews and negotiate the offer on your behalf. You’ll not only benefit from our knowledge of passionate freelancers but we also understand ever changing schedules and timeframes. Afterwards we get back to all those we considered.

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